Cold Weather Birthday Parties

children sledding children sledding
There are many great ideas for children’s birthday party themes some require more preparation than others.  Over the next few months I will be sharing with you some of my favorites, and hope that you too will share some of yours.  I know how important it is for your children to have a birthday party that is fun and exciting, but I also know how important it is that you are not stressed to the max during the events.  Cold weather birthday parties can cause more stress than need be, as the children do tend to be inside your home causing a bit of chaos that you may not enjoy.  Thinking outside the box may be just what you need to do to make these cold weather birthday parties fun and exciting for your child, but not a stressful event for you.

cupcake cake One of my favorite cold weather birthday party themes is a sledding party.  If you live in a climate with plenty of snow, invite       everyone to your favorite sledding hill and plan your child’s birthday party accordingly.  Plan on finding plenty of thermoses and bring hot chocolate for all.  Instead of traditional birthday cake, have a cupcake “cake” made instead, this will make the eating and clean up easier on everyone.  There is sure to be plenty of fun had by all, and there should be less stress involved for the parents.

Another favorite cold weather birthday party is a Snow Sculpture Contest.  Make a few teams of the children invited and provide them with some basic tools such as children’s shovels and buckets.  Also have a few spray bottles filled with colored water to aid in their creativity.  If other parents stay, or there are other adults present, have them judge the sculptures and award a small prize to the winning group.  This is sure to be fun for everyone involved.  Again, you can have hot chocolate and a cupcake “cake” to help make clean up super easy.  Children love to be creative, and what a great way to tap into this.

Other outdoor birthday party ideas require special equipment, and if a child does not have this or the family does not have enough to share, then the party will not be as fun for all.  An ice skating party can be a blast.  An indoor rink may be the best way to go for this type of party as then children can rent skates if they do not own them.  Snow shoeing and skiing parties are an option, if all children have access to the equipment.   Be careful to make sure there are options for those that do not have equipment or cannot afford to rent it.

If there is no snow for these activities, there are other cold weather birthday parties that do not require the wrecking of your home.  Take your child and a few friends out to the local bowling alley for bowling and pizza.  This is sure to be a huge success and the mess will remain elsewhere and not be in your home.  If you do not mind the mess, consider a movie night. Have pizza then show a movie with popcorn and drinks.  Of course no matter what you decide to do, your child’s birthday party will be a huge success.

Party favors are another source of frustration for some parents.  What do you get to put in those little bags that is not just a waste of money?  There are always the typical options of candy and small toys, but do kids really need these items?  For these cold weather birthday parties, you could always be creative and provide mittens or scarves as the party favors.  What a great and useful party favor!  Maybe you could enlist the help of the grandmothers and aunts of your children to help make one for each child in attendance.  This would be a unique and special gift.  Another party favor option is homemade lip balm to help prevent chapped lips from all this fun in the snow.  In future blogs I will cover a few options for these great homemade party favors.

Cold weather birthday parties don’t have to stressful events for the parents.   With some planning, these parties can be both unique and fun for all.  Take the time to pre-plan and have a great time with your child the day of the big event.

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