Does Drinking Coffee Make You Urinate Too Frequently

If you are like a lot of people, you just just can not get going in the morning without a cup of steaming hot coffee. Most people like it because it has that kick of caffeine that can help you get motivated to get to work or whatever else you might need to be doing. Coffee with your favorite additives, like the fancy creamers or a little sugar, can be a little addictive to the point where some people just can not do without it. You can be irritable and sluggish feeling until you have had that morning fix.

Besides just morning time, some people like to drink coffee off and on through out their day and sometimes even at night. These people must have a strong resistance to the caffeine, not to mention what it can to to the bladder. Of course, not everyone has a urination problem when they drink a lot of coffee, but some people do. Just having a cup or two in the morning can mean many trips to the bathroom for several hours until you get it out of your system and the caffeine affects wear off somewhat.

One of the reasons why coffee can cause frequent urination is because caffeine is a diuretic. It speeds up the nervous system and can cause you to produce urine more quickly. It can really annoying for some people who love their coffee so much and yet have to suffer such inconvenience when they drink it. Even drinking decaffeinated does not seem to help some coffee drinkers, but if you have this problem and have not tried decaf, then maybe you should.

Another alternative to coffee drinking is to try some tea. It is also very good in the morning and some people like it better than coffee because it is not quite so strong. You can still add some of your favorite creamers or you can buy teas that are already flavored. There are so many to choose from, you could probably try a different every morning for weeks. You can make it as weak or as strong as you like. It might be a little different to start with, but given enough time you might get to like it as much as coffee. Having a weak or sensitive bladder does not mean that you can never enjoy coffee, you just might have to enjoy it less often than you would like and be near a bathroom when you do.

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