How To Teach Kids Baseball

Baseball is among the top favorite American pastimes of all ages. Not only is it a tradition, baseball connects families and communities together in the spirit of sportsmanship and good old fashion fun. And for children it can be the first step in teaching the importance of teamwork, following rules and how practice CAN make a difference.

On a personal level there are fathers everywhere, who can barely contain their excitement and purchase baseball gloves before their children even understand what it’s all about. Who hasn’t seen a toddler in a ball cap and a jersey?

By the time winter is over, you will find parents and their children in back yards or the nearest baseball field ready to start the season and get back into the swing of the game. Teams are formed and training begins. If this is your first time, here are a few tips to remember whether you are teaching your own child or you have stepping into the role as the neighborhoods new coach:

Be Their Role Model

Teaching baseball is not only about how to catch, throw and hit a ball, it’s about teamwork, positive attitude and perseverance. Just by observing how you handle real games situations, your team can see how seriously you are about the rules of the game and your level of sportsmanship. Leading by example shows your ethics and attitude about wins and losses. Remember kids look up to you not only for instruction, but for guidance as well.

Stay positive

Everyone learns at different speeds so keep in mind that patience and positive reinforcement is vital. You can help them develop the skills to communicate their fears, ask questions and ease their worries about their own abilities.

Show Them You Care

Make time to listen to their concerns, laugh with them and be a shoulder when they need that little bit extra. They are not just learning about baseball, they are learning about interactions with people other than family.

Make Sure It’s Fun

No matter what the age, keeping kids motivated and interested in the game can be easier when you keep the game fun. Encourage the kids to invite family members and friends to watch your baseball practices.

Motivate Them To Improve

Focus on their strengths and the skills they need improvement. Ask them where they think they may need help. Don’t pressure your kids by talking about trophies, scholarships and million dollar deals. You are there to support their dreams, not dream for them.

Emphasize Organization and Discipline

As a coach, you need to make sure to communicate what you want from your players and what you expect from your team. By establishing rules and order in your coaching style you keep the kids in control of their actions and keen in their new skills as they continue to learn.

Let Them Learn By Doing

Explain to your kids that learning the basic rules, and methods is important, but it is through practice they will master the in’s and out’s of baseball. Be available for additional help when they need it and remind them often that indeed practice does makes a difference.

Spending the time to teach baseball to kids requires a commitment of time and patience. Never use pressure to make them learn too quickly, and allow them to improve at their own pace. Help them believe in themselves and reassure them that it is all right to make mistakes. After all, there are no real mistakes, there are only new lessons to be learned.

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