Tips on Japanese Interior Designing

When many think of Japanese interior design, their first thoughts are of large pillows in the middle of a room surrounding low tables with paneling of rice papers. Much of the western opinions of Japanese interior design are the fault of misrepresentation on television and in movies. Eastern art, for example is simple and strong while western art be more complicated and in many ways confusing.

Japanese interior design at times also uses feng shui in interior arrangements in the typically geometric of furnishings. Japanese interior design also tries to balance color and texture, think of ying and yang, such as polished wood floors with heavy floor mats. While most westerners would shun the use of black as a color in their home, it often contrasted with white or much lighter colors to reach the opposing color variation.

Furnishing few and far between

Typically, Japanese interior design uses small furniture, but most pieces are used for more than one purpose. For example, futons are common, used as sofas during the day and beds at night, but other objects, such as the hibachi have always had more that one use. The western world thinks of the hibachi as small tabletop grill. However when used in Japanese interior design they also serve as small heaters and warmers for liquid drinks.

A large silk sash worn by women in Japan called obis, can also be used as a table runner or a room divider. If you are trying to achieve Japanese interior design, they can also hang on the wall behind your bed to serve as a headboard. Keep in mind that Japanese interior design uses neutral colors and highlights architecture rather than furnishings, trying to lessen to appear clutter.

Interior design tips appear in books and magazines

Interior design tips can make a home or office more pleasant for the people who live or work in a property. These tips are readily available in many different books and magazines. Some books and magazines dedicated to displaying the homes and offices that are beautiful. These books and magazines have articles about the properties with great photographs. There are interior design tips in the articles, but each picture also has some visual tips that used by the readers.

Some of the pictures will show homes that are for the rich and famous. Look carefully at all the pictures to see if there are some interior design tips for the average person. There may be a small arrangement on a table that fits into a glorious home, but might work in a smaller home as well. The color combinations used by the experts in these homes might be perfect in a fewer extravagant home. The window treatments in the mansions shown in glossy magazines might also be adapted for smaller homes or apartments.

Interior design tips might be close to home

One might find interior design tips in the neighborhood. Friends, family members and neighbors may have some great ideas in their homes that can be adapted. Look around these homes to see if there is something to use in other spaces. No one will want to make a copy of the home of another person, but you might use a special furniture placement for an arrangement in your home. A beautiful window treatment could be adapted in other fabrics for something similar at home. Beautiful color combinations in the house next door could also be adapted for use in your home.

Look at all the interesting homes around to see if there are interior design tips that will look perfect somewhere else. Model homes or others on the market might have some great interior design tips. Models are great sources for new ideas about decorating. The agents showing the models will never know that you are just looking for great ideas in home decorating. These models usually display the latest trends in home decorating so the ideas you find there will be current hits. Some homes on the market may be empty, but others will have some great ideas for home decorating.

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